Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A glimpse into my twisted mind

The proper perspective for viewing my obsession with all things computer oriented has become clear. If I were a painter, would it be considered unusual for me to not paint for a week, but then suddenly spend three straight days locked in my studio (I'm not a painter, but the inspired-artist cliche leads me to believe this is normal). Anyway, this is how I work with computers.

Take for example a talk I was giving the other day. Now, I could have just grabbed a random power point off the departments shared drive, deleted/edited/replaced... But no, that could never be good enough. First of all, latex is my preferred method of document publishing, and I seriously doubt that any amount of power point wizardry could produce such quality presentations.

Given the short attention span of net readers, I ahead to the end before continuing...
So, many hours later, I now have a beamer template nearly identical to our standard power point one, I've learned to draw all sorts of things in metapost, and now have an insatiable urge to design a new typeface that I can bend to my every whim (for some reason I find myself drawn to proper small caps and old style numerals).

Ironically, I just found

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